Deployment Schedule

While we have announced that Monitor is running, we would like to clarify exactly what this means. Monitor is running in a controled, trial basis while we make the service accurate and helpful. To the degree possible we want to prevent acting on false-positive diagnosis or to generate excessive reminders.

This schedule lists minimum criteria that must be met before Monitor will act on your nodes or your site:

July 1-Aug 31

  • Machines with no PCU, that are not accessible by SSH, and are observed by both CoMon and Monitor to be down for more than seven days.
  • Machines with OLD BootCDs that are left in DEBUG state due to incompatibility are included. Other machines in DEBUG state will not be included in this trial as long as they are running and accessible from PLC.
  • Then, only a limited subset of all nodes meeting this criteria will be used until all inaccessible machines without a PCU are included.

Sept 1 - Sept 30

  • We will include "MetaSites" as part of our deployment. MetaSite status applies only to those that are part of a larger, geographically distributed organization. Some examples include CERNET and Internet2, that have multiple physical locations.
  • Machines in DEBUG state that require the aid of the local Technical Contact to resolve will be included.
  • Machines in DEBUG state due to hardware incompatibility with the PlanetLab kernel will not be included.

Oct 1 -

  • By this time we will have begun including machines with PCUs in our deployments. At this time, it may be necessary to correct observed mis-configurations with registered PCUs. Prior to this, however, the tools on PLC for entering PCU information, and validating it will be in place. We do not wish to disturb the technical contacts who have previously done everything we have asked (i.e. purchase and maintain an PCU).
  • All machines registered with PLC that fall under either the Site or MetaSite policies will be included in the Monitor trials.